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You Belong to the City > Success and the City

Vic Pentz

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August 23, 2015

Ephesus was a big, bold and upcoming city, and its church was the most effective church of the New Testament. Peachtree has also had a big impact on its city. But is it good enough?

You Belong to the City

As America has become more secular, the city can seem less welcoming than rural areas. But the truth is that Christianity is more at home in cities than in any other setting. Perhaps like no other time in Christian history, first-century New Testament life strategies for work and love and truth and sex have relevance and instructional power for us today. Christianity has always been an urban faith.

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Sex and the City

Tolerance was perhaps late Roman culture's highest virtue. Jezebel, a member of the church at Thyatira, thought she should help the church evolve to a changing world. Sound familiar?

Vic Pentz, Joe Skillen
God and the City

Jeremiah 29:4-7; Isaiah 65; Revelation 21

God invented the city. Cities can be wicked. They are also culture shapers. Even when believers are marginalized, we're to work for the welfare of our city.

Vic Pentz, Joe Skillen
Do You Love Me?

John 21:1-22

God can replace our fears and faithlessness with a yearning for new adventure that can only be known with a spirit made bigger by Christ’s redeeming act on the cross.

Vic Pentz, Marnie Crumpler
Sand Storm

Acts 27:27-44

When his ship ran ashore, the apostle Paul learned anew how life is often beyond our control. Yet even in storms that bring damage, God remains faithful and supplies both provision and joy.

Joe Skillen, Chuck Roberts
Building Sand Castles

Matthew 7:24-28

In spite of its reputation for castle-building, sand is not a good manufacturing material. Jesus points out what is obvious to a five year old with a bucket on a beach: It’s not easy to make a good foundation out of sand. It is unstable.

Mark Crumpler, Miriam Ryan
Buried in the Sand

Exodus 2:11-15

Like a desert sand dune that overtakes a landscape, sin can bury our best intentions.

Marnie Crumpler, Vicki Franch
Story in the Sand

Mark 4

When forged under heat and pressure, sand transforms from impermeable earth to translucent glass. Similarly, the Holy Spirit has transforming power for our lives.

Joe Skillen, Mark Crumpler
More Than Sand

Psalm 139

Sand-formed shorelines are a beautiful image of the greatness of God’s creation, marrying land and sea. Such is the beauty of the thoughts of God.

Joe Ryan, Jay Madden
Encounter in the Sand

Mark 5:1-20

We go to the beach to get away from our hectic lives and recover a right pace. But it is only Jesus who is capable of washing away our worst afflictions and forming our hearts and lives.

Joe Skillen, Marnie Crumpler